Antony Zito, known for painting portraits and murals on the streets of the Lower East Side, NYC and in North Central Connecticut.

Zito has spent 30 years on New York’s Lower East Side. Zito ran a gallery and portrait studio on Ludlow Street through 2006. To New Yorkers, his portraits of the local characters illustrate a sweeping line through the 90s and 2000s through the present day East Village art scene. The New York Post has called his portrait paintings “sensual” and his renderings of people on recycled materials other than canvas have prompted The Village Voice to refer to him as “a master of the found object”.

Portrait Paintings by Zito

Portrait Paintings by Antony Zito, are created in a selection of mediums, painted on a wide variety of supports or “canvases”. Whether it’s on objects scrounged from the streets of the Lower East Side, or the finest academic materials – Zito creates oil paintings, acrylic paintings, enamels, watercolors, and coffee cups portraits – as well as murals, live painting, lettering, and a host of other habits.

Sculpture by Zito