Live Painting Events

Live Painting Events and Live Art Performances


Live Painting Events are performances that feature an artist painting in front of a live audience. Whether it’s live portraits, or a large-scale artwork relating to the event or guest of honor, a curious crowd inevitably gathers every time an artist paints live in public, and they get a sneak peek into the creative process involved in bringing paintings to life. Always up for anything, Zito has been painting live on stage internationally and on the streets of New York for years. While many artists prefer their solitude during the development of a piece, Zito thrives in the public eye. Of course, he still maintains a studio and works in private as well, but live painting adds an arsenal of explosive color to the types of commissions he offers. Along with live painting performances and tournaments throughout Spain with Art Battles, he has set up his easel at many private functions, great and small, creating themed canvases and painting portraits. His regular offerings include rapid-fire watercolor and acrylic portraits, large-scale themed canvases, murals, coffee cup portraits, found object portraits, sheet music portraits, and many more variations on live painting and speed painting concepts. There is no limit to the variety of live painting possibilities – whether its one artist or five – to add a vivid splash of color to any afternoon or evening.

For more about Zito’s Live Painting Events check out these videos that show some of the diverse types of live painting performances that are out there in the world.