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Live Painting >> Spring 2015 << NYC

The past couple of weeks have been pretty insane in my life. After an early spring week in the woods, I got back to the city to live painting at a benefit for the victims of the explosion and fire on East 7th Street. E.V. Grieve billed it as: "The sold-out concert, spearheaded by East Village-based writer Alan Kaufman and artist Jim Storm, has pulled

Live Painting >> Spring 2015 << NYC2015-04-27T16:16:23-04:00

Painting a Lee Marvin portrait for Jim Jarmusch

People ask me how it was that I ended up painting a portrait of Lee Marvin for Jim Jarmusch's film Coffee and Cigarettes in 2004. Well, as with every painting, there's a story to it. In January 2002, I opened Zito Studio Gallery in a small storefront on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was just after the insanity of 9/11

Painting a Lee Marvin portrait for Jim Jarmusch2015-03-28T13:22:39-04:00

Meg & Jack White … painting mid-process …

I get to the studio this week and I'm reminded of the madness I left behind.  A chaotic flurry of activity preceded me, my last visit replays at flip-book speed in the photo stream thats been implanted in my skull. I think it happened as I was seeing my month flash before my eyes backing up my phone to iphoto... but thats another story.  

Meg & Jack White … painting mid-process …2015-03-17T20:51:11-04:00

Snowed in with a work in progress

I was raised in New England and so I appreciate a good snowing-in.  Drifts up to your neck are something I grew up with and so the storm hysteria of the "Snowpocalypse" is just annoying and weird.  Its snow.  It happens around here.   So I'm right happy just stoking the wood stove and hunkerin' down on a painting that I've enjoyed wrestling with lately.  She's

Snowed in with a work in progress2015-03-17T20:54:02-04:00

One week left for “Displacement” – live portraits and prints available thru Thurs Dec 4

howdy y'all! The opening reception for "Displacement", my recent exhibition at Mark Miller Gallery, was pretty much the best night ever. The olde school came out in droves and it was amazing to see so many good friends and local LES folks. There were even a few dignitaries of the underground in the house and I could not have been happier than to have people

One week left for “Displacement” – live portraits and prints available thru Thurs Dec 42015-02-11T00:24:41-05:00

“Displacement” – Antony Zito Then and Now opens this Thurs 11/13

Displacement Antony Zito - Then and Now Mark Miller Gallery 92 Orchard Street, New York, New York. Opening Reception Thursday November 13 from 6-9pm Exhibition on view through December 4, 2014 Gallery Hours: Wed thru Sun 12-6pm www.antonyzito.com www.markmillergallery.com With paintings incorporating collage and found materials created over the course of 20 years in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Antony Zito

“Displacement” – Antony Zito Then and Now opens this Thurs 11/132014-11-10T16:37:44-05:00

Getting ready for a big show…

Today was interesting .... I spent the whole day digging thru a storage space I have underneath my studio. Its exposed to the weather on two sides and not exactly ideal for art storage. A few years ago when I filled a big box truck with the 5 (yes, five) storage spaces I'd accumulated in NYC since 1992, I unloaded into this space with a

Getting ready for a big show…2014-11-10T16:32:48-05:00

Pulling out old work for the new show

Digging through my basement has been really interesting. Smart people probably do things like this during daylight but I've been up late working on the new stuff in the studio and waking up late morning but the gosh-darn sun goes down at 4 o'clock these days so it was dark. I managed to get one work light hooked up but mostly I was sorting these

Pulling out old work for the new show2014-11-09T23:57:08-05:00
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